Bindery Services


Paragon Printing Milwaukee Wisconsin Bindery

We have done books for just about every occasion or purpose!

Cookbooks, Reunion Books, Coloring Books, Children’s Books, Newsletters, Instruction Manuals, Memory Books, Reunion Books, Funeral Programs, and High Quality Professional Brochures for various large companies

Perfect Bound Books
“Paperback” books bound with glue and contains hinged wrap-around cover for ease in use.
Plastic Coiled Books
Mechanical Binding with plastic filament is ideal for children’s books or cookbooks because it is safe and has a unique ability to flip as needed.
Saddle Stitched “stapled” Books
Cost effective binding method also known as stapled books using our machinery creates, high-speed, high-quality finished three-knife trimmed books.
Twin Loop Binding
On thick books that will get heavy permanent usage, choose this bind that has two wires going through a 1/4″ square hole positioned two per inch.  Ideal for professional books at least 1/2″ thick.
Side Stitching
Sometimes reports need to be held together with two staples along the left side making a specialized booklet.
Corner Stapling
When several sheets of a report or information packet need to stay together, this bind collates the sheets in a desired order and holds them together with a single staple in a top corner.
Ideal for promotional pads or forms that have the same information and need to be carried in a convenient manner.  It consists of gluing one side that hardens when dry.
Carbonless Padding
Forms that need to be completed in multiple copies can be bound with a special gluing liquid that penetrates the sheets and hold them together in sets. Writing on the top copy goes through all the forms in the set.
Comb Bound Books
Old reliable binding method used especially for cookbooks and thick manuals. Binding thickness can be over one inch thick.
Plastic Coiled Books
Modern, safe, and functional bind for children’s books, cookbooks, manuals, and other applications.  Filament is formed in various diameters ranging from 6mm to 33mm (up to 1.125″ thick).  Standard colors are black, white, and clear.  Custom colors are also available that can be customized for your particular book and application.
Tape Binding
Ideal for an legal client that needs legal briefs bound with a cost effective and durable bind.  Various colors are available with black being the standard color.